Under The Radar Violence

Not all of the abortion-related violence inflicted on American women is committed by their abortionists. Women are often brutally attacked for refusing to have abortions.

Naturally, the abortion lobby’s control of the media means that this information seldom sees the light of day. Like those women killed at the clinics, both the abortion lobby and the media understand how crucial it is for these victims to die unnoticed. Below are documented case studies of these instances.

As you read them, it is important to keep three realities in mind.
  • First, because of some insurmountable research barriers associated with these cases, those shown here represent no more than a tiny fraction of the whole. In fact, they are not even all the examples we were able to uncover, but are merely a representative sample of them.
  • Second, these cases only deal with instances in which the victim died and do not include the much larger group of women who survived being beaten, shot, stabbed or worse.
  • Third, the details of the attacks committed against the women and girls in these particular cases are not unusual. To the contrary, they are typical of the cases we found.

At the beginning of each file, the victim’s name is given followed by her age, the year she was killed and the state in which her death took place. Also included is whether her refusal to have an abortion was either the “Confirmed” or the “Self- Evident” motive for her murder.

This “Self-Evident” designation was necessary in order to address the fact that media coverage and law enforcement reports don’t always state that the victim was killed because she refused to have an abortion – even when it is known that this was the motive for the crime. Instead, they will often state that the perpetrator “was angry about the pregnancy” or “didn’t want the baby” or “claimed that the baby wasn’t his” or said that he “wasn’t ready to be a father,” etcetera.

Our research into these instances shows that when a man expresses such an attitude about his partner’s pregnancy, his initial reaction is not to assault or kill her but to insist that she submit to an abortion. If he subsequently inflicts violence upon her, in almost every case it will be because she refused to comply with this demand.

Click below to see documented case studies of these instances.

(WARNING: This report contains language and descriptions of violence that are not suitable for all readers.)



WARNING: If someone is trying to force you to have an abortion against your will, it is important for you to respond to this threat immediately. First, remove yourself from the environment. Second, contact the police, sheriff’s department or a nearby women’s shelter or crisis pregnancy center. If you are a minor, you should also alert your state’s child protective services agency. This is true even if it is your parents or another relative who is trying to force you to have the abortion.