The photos you see here were taken of Marla Cardamone a few
hours after she was killed during a “Safe and Legal” abortion.

They are from the original slides taken by the Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Coroner’s Office – case # A89-2674. These images are used with the full cooperation of Ms. Cardamone’s family. We warn you, what you are about to witness is not pretty. These images are ugly, disturbing and not appropriate for all audiences. They are also images the “pro-choice” lobby never intended for you to see.

Marla’s Mom Speaks Out

Deborah Cardamone Interview

When Marla Cardamone died from a “safe and legal” abortion, Deborah vowed to let the world know how a “safe and legal” abortion killed her daughter and just walked away…

The pro-choice death list

Each of these women ended up on a steel coroner’s table as a result of their “safe and legal” abortion.