Below are quotes from women who have had abortions, as
well as abortion industry workers, about their experience.

Abortion clinic administrator

Quote: An administrator at a Missouri clinic recalled a woman blurting out in the recovery room, “It should be illegal.” The other women’s mouths fell open, said the administrator. “They couldn’t believe it.”

Many United for Feminism: “The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion” – When the Anti-Choice Choose

Abortion clinic nurse

Quote: (Describing what she witnessed in the recovery room after the girls had their abortions), She stated they would lie in the recovery room and cry, “ I’ve killed my baby. I’ve killed my baby.” She went on to say, “ I don’t know what to say to these women. Part of me thinks maybe they are right.”

American Medical News, Abortion providers share inner conflicts 7-12-1993

Abortion patient

Quote: “After it (the abortion) was over and I was in recovery, I kept crying and the nurses were so cruel to me. They kept telling me I was acting like a baby and that I was upsetting everyone around me.”

Women’s Choice! Isn’t it? , By Robin Perry

Abortion patient

Quote: “…for days after the abortion- I went to the washroom and there was a fetus, and I thoroughly examined it. I held it on a piece of Kleenex. I kept saying to myself, ‘Don’t do that, you are hurting it,’ even though it was dead already. I started thinking that it could have been a person it could have possibly been loved by somebody else who could have taken care of it. I thought as if it was almost still alive. That really shocked me. For about a week I had it wrapped up in that Kleenex and in the cabinet underneath the sink. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it in the garbage or do anything like that. And then every time I came into the washroom I knew it would be in there and I wouldn’t dare open the door of the cabinet. After about a week I worked up enough nerve to take another look at it. But by this time it was all sticking to the Kleenex and I just didn’t want to start tearing it apart. So I ended up putting it in the garbage. It sounds so horrible saying it that way. It really affected me.”

Canadian Business and Current Affairs , Western Report, Hag-ridden by post-abortion guilt:10-04-1993

Abortion patient

Quote: “The pain in my stomach was immense, I remember so clearly sitting in the hospital room waiting for my baby to fall out of me! By this time I really needed to go to the toilet, the nurse put a pan over the toilet just in case my baby fell out when I was going a wee. I remember seeing lots of blood thinking that it was all over! So I went back to my room and sat down upon the bed, my stomach was hurting so much. The nurse came into my room and told me to have a walk about, because the baby still hadn’t come out. I was in tears surely there couldn’t be anymore I was thinking to myself. So I got up and had a walk around when I felt a pain in my stomach, so I quickly went to the toilet, I sat down with the pan beneath me, then there below me I saw what would have been my baby.”

Abortion patient

Quote: “Where was the compassion? I felt everything. I bled all over the car all the way home and my parents rushed me to DePaul Hospital in St. Louis. I was 17 years old and had a punctured uterus. My parents were told I may never have children.”

radio show caller
Illinois Leader: St Louis radio station draws attention to Hope Clinic, 5-7-2003

Abortion patient

Quote: “…The sexual attitude often championed by Planned Parenthood is a serious factor in preventing the discovery of sexual abuse of young people. Had anyone shown even the least bit of disapproval or concern, I would have divulged the truth (that she was being sexually abused) and begged for help. Everyone around me seemed to accept as normal that a 12-year-old girl could and should be sexually active. And remember, too, who took me to Planned Parenthood–an older brother with an urgent interest in my being aborted! Abortion on demand, no questions asked, makes it easier for incest and child abuse to continue.”

Mary Jean Jo, The American Feminist: Incest and the Abortion Clinic


Quote: “Shut up and quit that yelling!” (This is what an abortion patient said the abortionist told her when she said she did not want the procedure.)

Accomplices in Incest, Case Study: By “Doris Kalasky, Post Abortion Review: Elliot Institute

Adrienne Rich – Modern Feminist

Quote: (Describing abortion)…” a deep, desperate violence inflicted by a woman upon, first of all, herself.”

The Ambivalence of Abortion, Random House, New York, 1978 (Of Woman Born, Norton, New York, 1976, p. 269)( Rachel Weeping, Harper and Row, New York, 1982, p. 7.)

Allegheny Reproductive Health (Abortion Clinic)

Quote: “We recognize that your heart may be sad even though you know this is the best choice for you. You may even feel like crying. Some decisions women make are very difficult, and abortion can be one of them.”

Allegheny Reproductive Health center-website

Amy J – Abortion Patient

Quote: “No one checked on us we just sat there and watched the clock. I finally got in the room and I was crying. One nurse out of 4 held my hand and asked me if I thought this was the right choice for me. The Dr. who was a woman told me to hush my crying up it would mess up the Anesthesia. I woke up afterwards and I asked one of the women beside me how she felt and the nurse told me to be quiet and to wait and see how I felt. They let me go about an hour later and gave me instructions to go home with no pain meds. I had to bring my own pads, they didn’t provide this. It was horrible I cried the whole way home I ended up with an infection and had to go see my doctor afterwards.”

Abortion and the regrets,

Becca – Abortion Patient

Quote: “The nurse was curt with me and pretty rude about my negative comments. The same nurse then pulled out an ultrasound to show me my atypical cervix. That ultrasound showed my 9-week fetus, complete with arms and legs, prior to the abortion. I am now unable to go more than three or four hours without having the image of that unknowing baby nestled within my uterus. That image will haunt me for a while.”

Becca27, March 2003 – Becca’s Story, fwhc many Voices, Many Choices

Charlotte Taft – Abortion Clinic Owner

Quote: “I was shocked by how many who seemed fine during the (abortion) procedure were now having thoughts and feelings that no one had anticipated.”

The biggest thing she noted was that women felt sadder than they had anticipated.

Taft went on to say, “They wondered, How can I feel sad about something I chose?”

Fairfield County Weekly: Listening to Women About Abortion, A new wave of abortion rights activism is spreading across the country–from zines to documentaries– that focuses on telling women’s stories rather than spouting stale feminist aphorisms, by Jennifer Baumgardner – May 26, 2005

Chrisianne Beckner – Journalist

Quote: “The staff claims to have seen women scream, cry and loudly repent their decisions to abort, but on a series of days in January, the women who arrived with their sisters, their partners and their friends were, at worst, pensive, their eyes tinted a glossy red.”

Federal News Service Inc., Justice Foundation Press Conference, 1-18-2005

Holly – Abortion Patient

Quote: “He just told me to shut up and stop being such a baby; this kind of thing happens everyday. When we got in there I begged the Doctor not to do it. He seemed to ignore me. I cried and begged. I remember having something restraining my arms and that’s it. I don’t have any actual memories of the procedure itself. The next thing I remember is waking up home in my apartment.”

Silent no more awareness campaign, testimonies

Jenn Farnum – Abortion Patient

Quote: “I have no idea how long it took. It felt like a lifetime. Only once the doctor talked to me. He said, ‘Are you crying because it hurts, or because you’re emotional?’ When I said emotional, he just turned around and kept on talking to the nurse.”

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Speaking of abortion in women’s own words, by Jenny Hall: 1-30-2006

Julie – Abortion Patient

Quote: “They began to tell me that I was too far along in my pregnancy to have an easy abortion. It was going to be more complicated, more expensive, and take at least two days, I decided to go home and tell my parents I was pregnant. They followed me out to the car and told me that a mistake had been made and that they could take care of my problem in just a matter of minutes and I would be on my way. Several weeks later, I phoned the abortion clinic to advise them that I was bleeding very heavy and I was told it was normal, and whatever I did, not to call my regular doctor. A few days after that, I was rushed to the hospital by my unknowing parents after almost having bled to death from an incomplete abortion.”

Federal News Service Inc., Justice Foundation Press ,1-18-2005

Justine – Abortion Patient

Quote: “I don’t know how I got on the abortionist’s table, but all I remember is the pain, the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt when the abortion started. After the abortion, everyone, the whole faculty just fled, and I was left in a pool of blood. I was in the recovery room. I was vomiting. The three or four women sitting next to me, who just aborted their babies, were comforting me, while the staff was just sitting at the table. ”

Federal News Service Inc., Justice Foundation Press Conference 1-18-2005

K. Kaufmann – Modern Feminist

Quote: “Why did both my abortions leave me bitter and angry in ways I could not, at that time, understand or explain to myself, let alone other people? I did and still do define myself as a feminist. I believe absolutely in the Fundamental right of all women to control our bodies. Why did I feel the need to hide my pregnancies and abortions? Why did the abortions hurt so much?…There seemed to be a contradiction between everything I had ever read or thought about abortion and the lived experience, an enormous gap between the impassioned rhetoric of the political and moral arguments both for and against abortion, and the bloody reality of one scared woman screaming on a table… For (feminists like me), an experience which is supposed to affirm their right and power to choose, to define and use in their own terms their sexuality and creative energy, instead exposes how limited and illusory their choices are”

The Ambivalence of Abortion, Random House, New York, 1978/Kaufmann, K. “Abortion: a woman’s matter

Karen Jones – Abortion Clinic Administrator

Quote: “We’ve had a lot of those. They want to bury it themselves. We had one, her mother wanted to know the exact moment it happened so she could go into the bathroom and light candles and have a ceremony. I said, “Not in our bathroom.’ So she went into the parking lot.”

St. Petersburg Times, “A chain of tears:’ a doctor and abortion:6-3-1990

Kelly – Abortion Patient

Quote: “When we got there the first thing they asked for was money. Then they asked for my name. I was taken into a large room with many other girls and given a gown. A woman stood in the front and told us we would feel some discomfort but not much more than a female exam. We were then lined up in single file. I remember feeling like I was a cow being led to a slaughterhouse, but I quashed those feelings. Then we were taken, one by one, into a small room where the abortion would take place. The abortionist was cold. Never said a word. Just put me in the position. The sound was horrible, as was the pain. After it was over I was taken back to the small cubicle where I had left my clothes. ”

Lee – Abortion Patient

Quote: “Everything inside me was yelling, “No! No! No!” But they all advised strongly against my having the child. So I allowed them to control the situation…Inside, my voice was screaming, “ Please do not do this!”

Forced Abortion in America, Portraits of Coercion: Elliot Institute

Linda Bird Francke – Modern Feminist

Quote: “Having an abortion is not as simple as some advocates have led women to believe. It is a shock to the system, the womb in particular.” She suggests that “a woman’s womb is her emotional core, and during an abortion it is tampered with, “But any woman who has had children knows that certain feeling in her taut, swollen breasts, and the slight but constant ache in her uterus that signals the arrival of a life.” She goes on to admit, “I was not the modern woman that I thought I was.”

The Ambivalence of Abortion, Random House, New York, 1978

Loretta Ross – Author

Quote: Loretta Ross, the co-author of Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice (SouthEnd Press, 2005) said this in an article printed in Fairfield Weekly:

“A very large percentage of [black] women are personally opposed to abortion but are pro-choice,” said Ross. “Women of color agree with not giving unborn children more rights than grown women, but even when they’re terminating a pregnancy, they call it a baby. This has been going on as long as we have had the debate. What women of color mostly say is that we have the right to do decide what children are born or not–that is part of women’s power.”

Fairfield County Weekly: Listening to Women About Abortion, A new wave of abortion rights activism is spreading across the country–from zines to documentaries– that focuses on telling women’s stories rather than spouting stale feminist aphorisms, by Jennifer Baumgardner – May 26, 2005

Michele C – Abortion Patient

Quote: “When it was my turn the nurse told me that I was going to feel some discomfort, like strong menstrual cramps. The truth is that the abortion was more pain than I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt like my insides were literally being sucked out of my body. Later I went into shock.”

St. Croix Valley Life Care Center Website

Midtown Hospital, abortion clinic – Abortion “Patient Y” 

Quote: In a court case, an abortion clinic patient testified that, “When I left the counselor with a group of about six women to change clothes, I heard someone hollering ‘someone help me, Oh God, someone please help.’ As the nurse opened the door, I saw a woman on the floor with urine all over the floor. That patient’s daughter heard her mother hollering and started banging on the door and shouting. Everyone in the waiting area appeared alarmed. Women started leaving . . .. I heard [another] woman shouting in pain. I saw her go to the bathroom because her water broke. She was hollering and she delivered in the bathroom. A nurse came and put the fetus in some kind of urine pan and carried it with the girl out of the area. This became a common thing, girls screaming, water breaking, and then delivering. There was no monitoring by staff . There were times when there was blood and urine all over the place. . . . There were so many patients that staff had to step over them. The patient that delivered in front of me was on the floor with her head near one of the doors. She was screaming and asking God to help her.”

National Review: Back to the alley; clinical psychosis; Unsafe abortions are not a thing of the past, 11-23-1998

Naomi – Abortion Patient

Quote: “Trustingly, I turned to pro-choice groups for help with my trauma. Even though I was still pro-choice and an atheist, I was laughed at and argued with. I was told that if I was having any regrets it was because I was not psychologically normal before the abortion! I was told it was just post-abortion hormones (the abortion had taken place ten years earlier!). In tears I called several pro-choice organizations and clinics, honestly seeking help. I was told that there was no such thing as post abortion regrets, I was called a liar, I was told there was no help available for me at all. The only “nice” response I got was a lady who said, “I’m sorry” and then hung up. The last abortion clinic receptionist I talked to got furious and accused me of being an anti-abortionist pretending to have post abortion depression and threatened to report me to the police for “harassing” the clinic! I was devastated. If I had a gun and did not have two small children to care for I know I would have ended it all right then. I didn’t know whom to turn to. I had not even told my husband yet what was upsetting me.”

Naomi July 1998 Naomi’s Story, Who decides? , fwhc Many Voices, Many Choices

Olivia – Abortion Patient

Quote: “I was never told about the pain that I would feel when the vacuum machine was turned on as it sucked my baby from my body.”

Federal Document Clearing House Congressional Testimony, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation, 3-3-2004

Peg Johnston – Abortion Clinic Worker

Quote: She’d sit in on a counseling session with a woman who’d say, “I feel like I’m killing my baby.” At first, she said, she assumed that the patients were simply repeating what they’d heard outside from pro-lifers.

But, Johnston stated, “once I began listening more intently to her, I learned that she wasn’t saying what the picketer was saying–although she used the same words.They weren’t mouthing an anti-choice message–they were acknowledging that this was serious stuff. How can I want one kid and not the other?”

Fairfield County Weekly: Listening to Women About Abortion, A new wave of abortion rights activism is spreading across the country–from zines to documentaries– that focuses on telling women’s stories rather than spouting stale feminist aphorisms ,by Jennifer Baumgardner – May 26, 2005

Raymond Showery – Abortionist

Quote: “You…whores just get in trouble all the time.” This is what one abortion patient said the abortionist told her after her abortion. She described the procedure this way, it was so painful, and “like he just put his whole fist up there, just jammed it.”

Lime 5 / El Paso Times:4-5-1981

Robert Crist – Abortionist

Quote: Explaining what the girl’s ask abortionist Robert Crist he made these comments:

“Was it a boy or a girl?”… “Can I see it?”…”You must think I’m awful.”

Then there are the questions they ask before the abortion, which can seem the most disheartening part of all:

“How much does it cost to terminate the baby?”…. “Am I going to be tied down?”…”Is a doctor going to do it? Is he licensed? A real doctor?”

St. Petersburg Times, “A chain of tears:’ a doctor and abortion:6-3-1990

Shantel – Abortion Patient

Quote: “When I woke up (after the abortion) I was in the recovery, I just felt so empty inside one minute I had a life living inside me and 20 minutes later there’s nothing. I just started crying so hysterically. The nurse came up to me and said “why are you crying you got what you wanted, now be quiet you’re going to worry the other girls.”

Abortion and the regrets,

Sheldon Turkish – Abortionist

Quote: “Don’t be stupid, it is just some blood,” is what abortionist Sheldon Turkish allegedly told his patient when she wanted to know if there was a human being already in existence.

In a lawsuit, the woman charged that Turkish “incorrectly told [her] … that she was not aborting a human life.”

The case, Acuna v. Turkish, Court Decision in New Jersey to Have Strong Implications for South Dakota Abortion Litigation Press release, by Harold J. Cassidy & Associates:4-7-2006/ Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy , In The Courts Appeals Court Rules New Jersey Woman Can Sue for Emotional Damages Over Abortion: 10-31-2002

Sherry – Abortion Patient

Quote: “The people (abortion clinic staff) were very matter-of-fact as they showed me the tube to be used in the suction procedure and “counseled” me. They drew blood, prepped me, and finally stood beside me as a strange, uncaring man took away my child. ”

Sherry Cage – Abortion Clinic Counselor

Quote: In an article, abortion clinic counselor spoke of the reactions women have regarding their abortions. She asked, “Remember the one who wanted to take it home in a jar?”

St. Petersburg Times, “A chain of tears:’ a doctor and abortion: 6-3-1990

Sylvia – Abortion Patient

Quote: “Feeling my baby burning in my womb–cannot be forgotten. I don’t know exactly how long it took for my baby to burn to death or how long labor lasted. The memory for me is not in hours and days but in sounds and feelings frozen in time. The haunting screams of the others in the room, crying out for release as they labored to give birth to death. The panicked cries of my own body as my baby was delivered dead, as planned.”

Federal Document Clearing House Congressional Testimony, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation, 3-3-2004

Tina – Abortion Patient

Quote: “During the abortion I felt dumb. I was in denial the whole time. It finally hit me a couple of weeks later what I had done. I felt depressed, and sleeping became harder and harder. My appetite was nearly gone and I would cry uncontrollably for hours. Even now I have to take sleeping pills to even get a little shuteye. I haven’t had the heart to tell anyone except my current boyfriend who is 14. I will always regret having the abortion.”

Tonya – Abortion Patient

Quote: “In the exam room, the sound of the vacuum drowned out my loud words to God, “I’m sorry God, please forgive me”. It was the first time I every prayed out loud. And the doctors heard me say something and said, “Are you okay?” July 6 was the worst day of my life.

Two weeks later I went to Planned Parenthood near my house for an ‘after abortion’ exam. The exam room looked like the one at the abortion clinic. Although, this one I’ve been in before for many check ups and exams. I had to lay on my back and spread my legs on the same silver foot petals. The nurse came in and began the exam. And you know when doctors begin to talk to you and ask you questions to comfort you? Well she started to talk while doing the exam and all I could do was cry. I cried loud and couldn’t control myself. The similar atmosphere struck my memories of that dreadful day…”

Tonya describes much more of that day, but ends her comments this way, ” I’ve been in abortion clinics and it’s killing. It’s legal because it’s justifiable homicide. When you have an abortion you’re just destroying a part of yourself. I know it has ruined my body. I felt and still feel abandoned and lost and I hated myself. There was no one’s shoulder to cry on, and that’s all I wanted to do. I felt guilty and couldn’t get it out of my head that I’d just killed a baby. MY baby. I’ve lived some bad days, but July 6, 2001 and January 26, 2002 were the worst days of my life.

My views on Pro-Choice and Pro-Life are different than many. I believe that EVERYONE is PRO-CHOICE BECAUSE IT IS YOUR CHOICE WHETHER YOU WANT BABIES TO DIE OR BABIES TO LIVE. Personally, I am Pro-Choice, but still wouldn’t have another abortion. And I can say this with respect because I’ve been through it twice.”

Tonya24 , March 2002 Tonya’s Story, FWHC Many Voices, Many Choices

Tracy – Abortion Patient

Quote: “I began to hyperventilate and to panic as the abortion proceeded. The doctor’s assistant and my boyfriend could not calm me, because the violence being done to my body was so very frightening.”

FWHC Many Voices, Many Choices

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