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Violence Reports

Hayes, Sonya

Age: 27, Date: 1999, State: OH

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Court records show that Terrence Davis shot Ms. Hayes six times because she refused to abort their unborn child. In 2002, Davis was convicted of murder in what prosecutors called a “street abortion” and given life in prison without the possibility of parole.

[The Associated Press 2-7 & 11-2000 • Toledo Blade 2-10-2000 • Ohio Court of Appeals Sixth Appellate District No. L-00-1143, Trial Court No. CR-99-1588 June 2002]

Hill, Kimberly Diane

Age: 24, Date: 1989, State: AL

Abortion Motive Self-Evident

The body of Ms. Hill was found hog tied with telephone cords. She had been beaten and stabbed 21 times and a towel was stuffed down her throat in an apparent attempt to muffle her screams. It was later revealed that she was pregnant by Joseph Ward Gentry, her co-worker at a Birmingham bank. In a taped confession, Gentry told police that he killed Ms. Hill because her pregnancy posed a threat to his career and marriage. He originally received the death penalty but it was overturned on appeal and replaced with a lesser sentence.

[The Birmingham News 1-25-2007 • Supreme Court of Alabama No. 1970962]

Jackson, Sharon

Age: 32, Date: 1993, State: PA

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Harvey Colvin intentionally ran over Ms. Jackson with her own car. Prosecutors determined that, at the time of her death, she was pregnant with Colvin’s baby and that the two were fighting over her refusal to have an abortion. In 1994, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was given 50 years in the state penitentiary.

[The Philadelphia Inquirer 7-30-1993 / 12-23-1994]

Johnson, Tonya M.

Age: 36, Date: 2009, State: TN

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Tarence L. Nelson was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Ms. Johnson and their unborn child. Investigators say Nelson was angry that she would not have an abortion and decided to kill her. Ms. Johnson was shot in the head and in the abdomen, reinforcing the prosecution’s claim that he was trying to kill both mother and child. In 2011, Nelson was given two life sentences.

[Greenfield Daily Reporter 6-27-2011 • WMC-TV 9-27-2009 • My Fox Memphis 9-28-2009]

Lovato, Sarah Marie

Age: 17, Date: 2009, State: NM

Abortion Motive Self-Evident

Charged in the double homicide of Ms. Lovato and her father is Marino Leyba, Jr. Police investigators say that Ms. Lovato was pregnant with Leyba’s baby and that his motive for shooting her was his anger over her decision to carry the pregnancy to term. Apparently, her father was killed simply because he was present at the murder scene.

[The New Mexican 4-26-2010 / 7-6-2010]