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Violence Reports

Lyons, Ashley Renee

Age: 18, Date: 2004, State: KY

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Ms. Lyons was pregnant with the child of Roger McBeath when he shot her twice in the head and once in the neck. Investigators say that McBeath had told Ms. Lyons to have an abortion but she refused. They say he then solicited people to physically assault her and cause a miscarriage. During his trial, it was also revealed that he had called a former girlfriend of his who worked in a hospital emergency room and asked her about the availability of abortion-causing pills or other products. In 2009, McBeath confessed to killing Ms. Lyons and was given a 42-year prison sentence.

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Mackey, Rochelle M.

Age: 27, Date: 2005, State: CA

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Witnesses state that when Conroy James Hayes learned that Ms. Mackey was pregnant with his child, he warned her that she “better have” an abortion because he did not want a baby. She was upset by Hayes’ demand and told him to leave her apartment. Two days later, he shot her to death. In 2006, he was convicted of her murder and given a 64-year prison sentence.

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Marshall, Brandi Nicole

Age: 20, Date: 2000, State: LA

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Javier Perry was charged with murder and feticide in the deaths of Ms. Marshall and the couple’s unborn child. According to authorities, Ms. Marshall was killed because she refused Perry’s demand to have an abortion. Perry admitted to police that he put the gun to her head while they argued about the abortion but that he only meant to scare her. He claimed the gun went off accidentally. Because there were no witnesses, police were not able to prove that Perry actually intended to kill Ms. Marshall and he was acquitted.

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Mitts, Deana

Age: 24, Date: 1999, State: PA

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Motive Confirmed

On New Years Day, Joseph P. Minerd used a pipe bomb to kill Ms. Mitts. Minerd told police that he killed her because she refused to have an abortion. Also killed in the attack were the couple’s unborn child and Ms. Mitt’s three-year-old daughter. During Minerd’s trial, evidence showed that he had beaten the victim twice trying to force her to have an abortion. In 2002, he was convicted of her murder and given life without parole.

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Moody, Denna

Age: 39, Date: 1997, State: CA

Abortion Motive Confirmed

Ms. Moody’s body was found in her burned out car but, because it was so badly charred, it was not possible to officially determine the cause of death. Prosecutors say that she was slain by the father of her unborn child, Alfred Elliot Smith, because she

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had refused his demand to have an abortion. In 1998, Smith was convicted of second-degree murder and given 15-years-to-life in prison.

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